MD5 Reader 2

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NEW! Currently I have not enought time to spend on this project, then I am looking for serious 3D developers interested in working on this project, under my supervision, to complete it and support all the specs of the MD5 format. Some months ago I also started a MD5 Reader 2 port for GalaxyEngine a Mac OS X and iOS 3D engine providing also editing tools.

Visit the page of the new reference model for MD5 Reader 2, and download the MD5 Fellow (v. 0.1)!
Help, suggestions, critiques from animators, to animate it, and modellers to help fix it, if needed, is welcome.

For an archive version of the MD5 Reader 2 (outdated), please visit EnderCG.

Up to date version of MD5 Reader 2 is available only through anonymous CVS, using the command:

cvs login

and then

cvs -z3 co -P md5reader2

For more informations about CVS use and CVS web based browsers, please visit CVS.

The project page of MD5 Reader 2 is here. In the project page you can find Traker, where you can submit bugs, request for new features, asking for support and post patches, if you have any.

For further information and support about MD5 Reader and MD5 Reader 2 you can go to the jME forum.
In the jME forum you can find informations about MD5 Reader 2 news and issues, reading the following threads.

MD5 Reader 2, toward another stable release
This thread contains news about the refactoring of MD5 Reader 2 to release a stable release, supporting BoneAnimation and SkinNode new jME classes and fixing the two bugs affecting character root node and textures.
MD5 Reader 2, SF.NET instructions
This is a thread for developers who would like to join our project.
MD5 reader fixed
This was the thread started when I announced that the old MD5 Reader have been fixed to work with the CVS version of jME. Before that fix MD5 Reader was able to run only with jME 0.8. Currently you can still find some usefull information in this thread.
md5 importer -> missing files for Test
Here you can find the link to the tutorial, written by mud2005, that explains you how to use MD5 Reader 2 or KMan's KProjectMD5 (a good alternative to MD5 Reader 2), with Blender and der_ton's blender2md5 exporter.
Help loading an md5 model
This is the thread where some users discovered either the texture flikering and the model shaking bugs. Other informations can be found in the Traker -> bugs page.
Md5 twitching?
This is another thread about the model shaking bug. Any further discussions about this bug have been moved to the thread of the previous point.